Golden Needles

Golden Needles

Original Description

Golden Needles or Golden Buds are definitely among the top layer of red tea - only hand-picked buds of the tea plant make it a truly exclusive tea. Thousands of buds are picked and carefully sorted to make one kilo of tea, which is a hugely awe-inspiring job! Young tea leaves are covered with a light, light coat, which is characteristic of certain varieties of the tea bush in Yunnan, China. It also affects the texture and taste of the tea in a perceptible and peculiar way, which is fascinating to observe while drinking. Sweet to the taste, rich and with a strong cocoa-like aroma, lively and catchy tea in the mood!


Yunnan, China

  • 3 g
  • 1 mins
  • 95°C


  • Malt
  • Sweet


  1. 25g => 9.00 EUR
  2. Loved it
  3. Aroma is great
  4. Tastes awesome