Lumbini Pure Black BOP

Lumbini Pure Black BOP

Original Product Description

Lumbini Pure Black BOP is a powerful black tea from Ceylon with a medium body. The tea is smooth, easy to drink and has mild bitters. BOP in the name Lumbini Pure Black BOP stands for Broken Orange Pekoe. This means that the tea leaf is broken. The broken leaf provides extra extraction, making the tea stronger and darker. The result is a delicious, powerful black tea that is definitely worth a try.

Lumbini Pure Black BOP comes from the Lumbini Tea Valley, the highest tea plantation in the south of Sri Lanka. The valley brings together all the elements that contribute to quality tea: natural springs, nutritious soil, pure air due to the presence of rainforests, the Gin river and finally the warm breeze of the Indian Ocean. The Lumbini Tea Valley consists of approximately 800 small tea farmers and outgrowers, who, with our help, are on their way to 100% organic tea cultivation. Currently, 3 fields of the plantation and 15 outgrowers are certified organic. The Lumbini Pure Black BOP comes from this part of the plantation. By purchasing this tea, other tea farmers and outgrowers are encouraged and helped to switch to organic cultivation.


Kolawenigama, Deniyaya, Sri Lanka

  • 2 g
  • 20 seconds
  • 90°C


  • Earthy
  • Heavy


  1. Ruby color
  2. Taste aged
  3. Light steeps are pleasant