Yunnan Dianhong Golden Tip

Yunnan Dianhong Golden Tip

Original Product Description

Yunnan red tea, also known as Dianhong, is a ‘one bud, one leaf’ tea from Yunnan province. The colour of the tea leaves alternates between gold and brown. This Golden Tip is a special type of Dianhong in the shape of a slender curled thread, while its heavy leaf body is covered with fuzzy, golden down.

After a good brewing, the tea takes on a stunning red colour and the tea soup shines bright like a diamond. It gives off a sweet floral aroma and tastes like brown sugar, honey, sweet potato and caramel. It is a bit smoky, but still smooth and mild enough to be enjoyed a couple of times a day. This Yunnan red tea can be brewed many times without losing its rich taste.

  • 4-5 g
  • 15 seconds
  • 100°C


  • Malt
  • Sweet


  1. Didn’t have a strong flavor like the previous golden tips.
  2. I love the aroma.
  3. 25g => 8.25 EUR at
  4. It was packaged very well.