Dian Hong

Dian Hong

Original Description

An ideal daily black tea, the Dian Hong. A somewhat sweet honey-like taste, strong, aromatic with a sharp edge. A great choice if you are looking for an easy black tea.


  • harvest time: early April
  • from Simao, Southern Yunnan
  • plant growth height: 1,600 meters
  • cultivar: Menghai big leaf
  • natural farming
  • production process: picking, withering, rolling, oxidation, drying

This Dian Hong ‘Golden Tips’ (Jin Hao) is made by a plantation that has 40 years of experience in making Yunnan black tea and is managed by. The cultivar used is the Menghai big leaf, which is known for its long shoots with many white hairs. The cultivar is also very resistant to diseases and pests, making it possible to work without pesticides, with the plantation as part of the environment.



Simao, Southern Yunnan

  • 2 g
  • 1 min
  • 90°C


  • Sweet
  • Malt


  1. Sweet
  2. Ruby color.
  3. When I tried with 3g, it tasted more assam like.