Dilmah Ceylon Silver Tips

Dilmah Ceylon Silver Tips


Original Product Description

A tea for every occasion. Dilmah t-Series presents a collection of teas that are known around the world only for their excellence. Teas so different that there is a tea for every mood. The range presents a vast array of designer gourmet teas including Very Special Rare Tea like the Ceylon silver tips and seasonal flush. The seasonal flush by t-Series is a tea so rare that it is produced only as a result of a seasonal phenomenon that occurs twice a year.

A rare and handmade white tea from Nuwara Eliya region of Ceylon, grown at 6,000 feet elevation. The tender buds of the tea plant are hand picked at dawn, carefully carried in a silk pouch and entirely handmade. The buds are sun dried and carefully hand rolled, producing the characteristic silver, needle-like buds, with velvety texture. Their pale brew is surpassingly light, and delicate, elusive and mild on the palate with a touch of a “greenish” seasonal high grown character in the finish. The beauty of the infused buds adds to the pleasure of this unique brew.

White tea is the delicate, tender bud of two leaves; the bud, which provides best quality in tea. It is about 3 cm in length and white in its appearance. We call it silver tips in Sri Lanka. Its price is accordingly unique as white tea is a limited edition product.

This rarity comes at a price and sadly because of this, most of the white teas offered around the world are adulterated; sometimes containing less than 2% of white tea. Dilmah white tea is real white tea offering consumers the subtle and very refined experience of this exclusive beverage.

silver tips

  • 2.5 g
  • 2 – 3 Minutes
  • 70˚C – 80˚C


  • Light


  1. I love it.
  2. Bought it from Sri Lanka.