Satemwa Zombie Pearls

Satemwa Zombie Pearls

Original Description

A cool and unique white tea, these Zomba Pearls. Rolled by hand into a pyramid. Tea leaf (2 leaves and a top) is picked by hand, withered and rolled into the pearl. The pearls are then dried with warm air.

The tea has an earthy taste and a very slightly smoky edge.

Satemwa is a beautiful tea plantation in Malawi. The plantation has been around since 1923 and spans 3 generations. The tea plantation is located around the Thyolo Mountains with the tropical sun alternating with refreshing rain showers. The plantation pays a lot of attention to health care, nature in the area, education and creates employment for about 2,000 people from the immediate area.

In addition to the beautiful CTC tea, there has also been a development in recent years to make beautiful specialty tea.



  • 3 pearls
  • 2 min
  • 80°C


  • Smooth


  1. I love it.
  2. I definitely want to drink it more.
  3. Best non tippy white tea I have tried so far.