Silver Needle highest grade

Silver Needle highest grade

Original Description

A very nice Silver Needle (Bai Hao Yin Zhen) from Fuding, Fujian. The tea is often available, has a fresh taste and beautiful smell and a long aftertaste. The tea is from an early pick so the needles are short and thick. The plant has had the time all winter to grow slowly, which benefits the quality of the tea.

  • tea garden: Tai Mu Shan Tea Garden
  • 320 meters of growth height (Fuding, Fujian)
  • Da Bai cultivar
  • Handpicked at the end of March
  • the natural farming

Silver Needle is a well-known white tea from China, although it is also made in other countries. For the Silver Needle, only the buttons are used, the leaves that have not yet been rolled out. The buds are plucked from a variety of Camellia Sinensis that has extra large thick buds.

The buds are plucked within the first days of forming. After picking, the tea is dyed (the buds lose about 70% of their moisture) and dried, weather permitting in the sun. In the same way in under controlled conditions. However, the temperature remains low, about 40 degrees. The tea has a humidity of about 10%.

As a final step, the tea is dried over charcoal.


Yunnan, China

  • 2 g
  • 1 min
  • 80°C


  • Grassy


  1. Tasts like Kola Kenda.
  2. It is fresh.
  3. Definitely an interesting tea.