Silver Needle Yunnan

Silver Needle Yunnan

Original Description

Silver Needle from Yunnan, the Jingo Tea Garden. The tea is made from leaves picked from trees over 100 years old. Silver Needle from Yunnan is popular because of its sweeter full flavour compared to the Silver Needle from Fujian.

A white tea, made only from the buds of the tea plant. There is very precise plucked, the tea consists only of needles. Sometimes you see Silver Needle on the market which, however, consists of needles but also small leaves. The tea is cheaper but actually no real Silver Needle.

Yunnan tea has its own flavour, which is full of sweetness with its own scent. Overall, the experience is that customers appreciate Silver Needle from Yunnan a bit more than the Fujian version there that is more pronounced from Yunnan.

For Silver Needle only the buttons are used, the leaves that have not yet been rolled out. The buds are plucked within the first days of forming.

After picking, the tea is dyed (the buds lose about 70% of their moisture) and dried, weather permitting in the sun. In the same way in under controlled conditions. However, the temperature remains low, about 40 degrees.

  • 1.5 g
  • 1 min
  • 80°C


  • Light


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